Rebuilding now.

In the coming days and weeks and months we would like to share with you a new vision, one that takes the idea of curios and enlarges on it. No more trinkets from third world countries destined to disintegrate at the merest provocation.

Curios in the sense of unique objects of beauty designed to give lifetimes of joy to those who observe them, to those who have the good fortune to surround themselves with them, and to the generations who get to revel in the sense of shared history that good heirlooms embody.

How exactly will we do that?  Stay tuned as we design on the fly. You will know when we do.

One thing we can say is we will be sharing a combination of useful information and unadulterated opinion. Both of which we feel strongly will give you a chance to gain insight into out view of the world and may (hopefully) stimulate you to come along on this journey with us and in your own way.

The tapestry of life is only made richer by having a multitude of threads.